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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

// Founder, Wedding Planner & Stylist

“Ninja!!!” I heard Sofia’s catchphrase for the first time while she was driving her car, always filled with wedding stuff! There I was able to fully understand, for the first time, that Sofia is, and always will be, a person who lives her life between reality and a dream. The dream of being more than just another human being in this world, the dream of making a difference by creating something of her own and living her life in her own way. She is one of a kind, the kind of person who treats words with concern. She has the most refreshing attention to detail that I’ve ever seen. You could live your whole life and never find a Sofia, but when you do, you will know that your life will never be the same! And, due to this, and so many other reasons, it is a pleasure to work beside her.




// Designer

“Those eyes that make my heart skip a beat”. These are the words that come to memory when I look at Sara and I see the affection in her eyes while she’s talking about her daughter. She married when she was 20…so young! I guess that’s why she smiles the way she does!
Oh… The way she smiles! With her kindness, stillness and love she fills and warms everyone’s heart around her.
She warms mine everyday…
And, due to this, and so many other reasons, it’s a pleasure to work beside her.





// Designer

“On vacation: Do not go to the beach and get stuck on the computer! That’s how I like it! “; “But it was worth it!”. This is Joana. Always emphasizing the hidden luminous face of each scenario and condition in which it is. And “Extra Mile” could very well be one of their middle names: Not content with little. On the contrary, she does not give a break until she feels that she has done everything she could and in the best way she could. I think that what struck me most about her was the affection with which she continues to experience all the magic associated with marriage, time since she dressed in white and, sitting on a swing through trees and foliage, said “yes.” And is not that really worth it?! And for these and many other reasons, it’s a pleasure to work alongside her!