My Fancy Wedding | HERITAGE
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When it comes to Portugal, we feel speechless. Sometimes when you try to describe the beautiful things in life you become lost for words. We as portuguese, feel like the most beautiful things cannot be described. They can be heard, spoken, felt and enjoyed and they stay with us until the end of times. These words are brought to life with the ferocious passion that describes our people and they are cryied until they turn into laughter.

Our treasures are hidden at the sea and our land has a simple breeze of its own. The heat and the loud rain shape our villas, castles and palaces where our ancestors love, came and went. Our sun rises behind the gardens, mountains and fields writing it’s own narrative.

We are more than just a country with a beautiful history, we’re a country of stories. Stories about meeting your soul mate on the street, saying hello and going their separate ways.
Finding her a few years later, fall in love. Marry her.



Portugal is Home for people who create memories…

Will you marry us?